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A cozy apartment with a small children’s bedroom

A small apartment with separated sleeping and living room // a small children’s room ( separated with a sliding door) with a bunk bed, desk and cupboard // a bathroom with a bath, a walk in shower and a double washbasin // toilet //a large balcony with garden furniture // a flat screen TV with cable TV // radio // telephone / kettle // hairdryer

Kitchenette facilities
2 hotplates // a fridge with a freezer shelf // sink // kettle // dishes // glasses, cutlery and dish towels are available

As of 125 EUR


The Prominent

The Habicht proofs that one can be powerful without being the highest. With its 3.277 metres it must, what the height concerns, rank itself behind its 2 colleagues Zuckerhütl and Wilder Freiger. It prominates as the highest of the Habicht ridge. No wonder that the locals used to cherish the „Hoger“ as one of the highest tyrolean mountains, only because of his prominence.